Our Journey in a Nutshell

About eSports Centers

eSports Center Amsterdam is the perfect place to play together, to meet people with a preference for competitive games. We are building an active association that regularly organizes fun activities. Our teams train every week and we actively play in various esports competitions.

We are open and accessible: everyone is welcome to experience esports.

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Our vision

We innovate esports to make it a fully-fledged, accepted sport. By opening a modern, open and bright location, we hope that more people will embrace esports as a sport. The eSports Center is an accessible location for everyone to get acquainted with esports, discover new games, make use of high-end hardware and develop esports qualities. We actively support a healthy lifestyle, where gaming can be a positive influence.


An active association with more than 500 members between the ages of 14 and 35.


Our in house teams train and play competitions every week. Open for all!


We're offering a wide range of activities like tournaments, workshops and bootcamps.

Sounds like fun! How do I join?


As with any sportsclub, you sign up and join! You only pay a small amount per month in contribution. This includes everything: tournaments, training and free playtime. The amount of your contribution depends on your age. For players younger than 18 years of age, we're charging € 30,- a month. For members over the age of 18, the contribution is € 40,- a month. If you're a member of a student esports association, you'll be eligible for a discount of € 10,- a month. Do you want to try out before becoming a member? No problem! For just € 7,50 a day, you can join us for a day! All memberships are auto-recurring.

3 hours guaranteed

Each time you come to our center, we guarantee that you can play at least 3 hours.

Free to play

You can make use of all of our hardware, consoles, stream-setups and expertise.

Perfect IT

All our systems have an uptime of >99,9%. Our own technicians are always available.

Fair play

We promote fair play and good behaviour. Houserules are easy: be nice to eachother.


Are you playing during an event of eSports Centers? We guarantee the prize money. No bullshit.

More information?

Don't hesitate to contact us about our eSports Center. We'd love to get your feedback!
Who are the people behind eSports Center Amsterdam?

Who are we?

November 2018, we started the very first eSports Center in the Netherlands in Eindhoven. One year later, we're opening the second in Amsterdam. Do you want to meet our team? Here's the shortlist.


Community Manager




We share the most important information via Discord. Always be the first to know about the latest news? Join the Discord!


From time to time, we stream on Twitch.tv. Follow us over there to see what's going on in our center!